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Hello! We are Amberly and Andy: two people who love to travel, eat good food, and take photos of life's adventures.

While laying on the couch one day, Amberly mentioned she'd like to wake up early to see the sun rise more often. Andy liked the idea and suggested they go out for breakfast at a fun new place after watching the sun come up.

Sunrise & Homefries was born. 

Andy is the seasoned photographer and homefry connoisseur in this relationship. He scouts out amazing locales to photograph, creates solid playlists for the road, and always asks the waitress if they put peppers in their homefries.

Amberly takes photos too but is more of an Instragmmer at heart. She's in charge of finding the best breakfast spots. On longer journeys, she books the hotels too because she's kind of a hotel snob and needs to have control over stuff like that.

Together, they plot out adventures big and small. They use this little spot on the internet to share those journeys with you, but also to catalog their voyages so that when they become old and senile, they'll remember the cool places they went.






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